Solid Infrastructure

Today Businesses depend on a network infrastructure for all aspects of daily operations. poor network infrastructure design it will cause the business to lose many potential clients as losing competition. The network infrastructure system should be flexible, upgradable cost effective that support organization growth and goals.

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Network Monitoring & analytics

Network Monitoring & analytics Provides operators and enterprises deep understanding of the network functioning and performance. Network administrator should be aware of and have a handle on different type of traffic that is traversing in their network in order to troubleshoot more effectively and priorities the network traffic based on the type of traffic and based on the business requirements QOS.

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Network Security

Network & internet application have evolved from e-mail to streaming video and online banking.

The introduction of  new applications and technology has created new avenues for the hacking community to identify and exploit new vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include revealing passwords, causing a disruption of service, and obtaining unauthorized access to system resources

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